Fleshlight Boys Fleshjack Boys Brent Evrett Squeeze Masturbateur Masculin
  • Fleshlight Boys Fleshjack Boys Brent Evrett Squeeze Masturbateur Masculin

    Another irresistible masturbator from the Fleshjack Boys line of ultra detailed, incredibly realistic toys for men loving men comes the Brent Everett Squeeze Fleshlight. Come as close as you can to topping this rising Canadian porn star as you admire his soft, lifelike buttcheeks and the irresistible inner texture inside that impressively recreates the sensation of anal sex. 


    Like all Fleshlight masturbators, this features a removable, easy to clean sleeve made from Superskin, a soft, pliable, body safe material that goes far beyond ordinary simulated skin. It's elastic and smooth, keeps its shape, and warms up pleasurably to body temperature with use and touch. If you want an even more realistic experience, you could soak the sleeve in warm water, and warm up your lube, too for extra heat and stimulation. Once inside, you'll feel a tight, ribbed canal that widens out slightly into exciting, continuous curves; you'll be able to adjust how tightly the the texture grips you on the downstroke by loosening or tightening the cap on the bottom, this easily adds yet another level of pleasure to your Fleshjack lovefest. 


    The design really is perfect for self-pleasure and even stamina training, the body is styled like a traditional flashlight that not only looks discreet; it makes for a natural and comfortable grip; you could also wedge the body between couch cushions or pillows to be used hands-free. Superskin requires a little care to keep it at its best, but after one use, you'll definitely want to take the tie to keep your Fleshlight lasting. Firstly, never use soap on the insert of your Fleshjack, a rinse with warm water works for most cleaning jobs, for tougher ones, try a little isopropyl alcohol. Since the insert comes completely out, you'll be able to thoroughly clean it, and let it dry separate from the case. It's very important to let the sleeve dry completely before storing it away, so make sure it's nice and dry before inserting it back into the case. If the sleeve gets tacky, which it ends to do with lots of use, just sprinkle some cornstarch powder on, and the smoothness will returning it to the case. 


    Something to note is that all Fleshlight sleeves require a LOT of lube for the best possible experience and your as safety and comfort, so make sure to stock up before your session.

    Water-based lube works very well with this type of sleeve, avoid oil based lubes, they'll break down the material over time.

    One ride, and you'll be a believer in this top rated toy for men.



    • Orifice: Ass
    • Length - 10"
    • Special Features: Open Ended, Porn Star Mold, Realistic
    • Girth - Approximately 3" inner wall (stretches)
    • Material - Patented Superskin
    • Special features - Removable sleeve, discreet case, realistic material, phthalate free, highly textured inner sleeve
    • Color - Flesh sleeve, blue case
    • Sleeve Type - Squeeze

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